Corporate videos for the chain of bars «Darling, I’ll call you later»корп-видео1.mp4 Video where the bartender invites his regular guest who has not visited for a long time.корп-видео2.mp4 Video, for the unofficial part of the New Year’s corporate party, where the rules of the network are played.

Montage of Instagram video for blogмонтаж-инставлог-1.mp4 Video for Instagram account of the bartenderмонтаж-инставлог-2.mp4 Video for instagram account standup comedianмонтаж-инставлог-3.mp4 Special section for instagram account

Montage for blog with chroma keyКальвадос1.mp4 1. Original video clipКальвадос2.mp4 2. Removed the green background, color correctionКальвадос3.mp4 3. Added background, visual effects, color gradingКальвадос4.mp4 4. Added thematic and color filters, subtitles, music Final fragmentКальвадос-финал.mp4